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All Members of the Alberta Association of Therapeutic Masseurs shall:

  1. Inform the client of the type and scope of the service or treatment, what to expect, and the fees, prior to providing any service or treatment.
  2. Represent qualifications honestly, including educational achievements and professional affiliations, and provide only those services that they are qualified to perform safely and competently.
  3. Represent honestly, the benefits and limitations of the offered services and products.
  4. Not provide services while the ability to practice is impaired.
  5. Recommend a client to seek an appropriate qualified professional when the practitioner recognizes a condition that requires further assessment, or is beyond the practitioner’s scope of practice or ability.
  6. Respect the confidentiality of information obtained in the course of professional service, unless disclosure is required by law, court order, or is absolutely necessary for the protection of the public, and keep client records in a secure place.
  7. Provide a clean and safe environment appropriate to the type of service and consistent with the local public health requirements and industry standards.
  8. Take appropriate measures to ensure the safety, comfort and privacy of the client.
  9. Recognize the dignity of the client and avoid discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, social class, age, disability, religion or political beliefs.
  10. Not falsify any part of a client’s records, sign or issue a certificate, report, or similar document that contains false information.
  11. Respect the client’s autonomy, the right to refuse, modify, or terminate treatment regardless of any prior consent.
  12. Make an effort to determine if the individual seeking services has the capacity to comprehend the nature of the services provided and make an informed decision, as well as obtain written permission from a parent or guardian if required by provincial law.
  13. Have the right to refuse or limit treatment or services to any person if there is just and reasonable cause.
  14. Maintain appropriate boundaries with the client and refrain from initiating or engaging in ANY sexual conduct, sexual activities, or sexualizing behavior involving a client, even if the client attempts to sexualize the relationship.
  15. Refrain from making unfounded statements that may damage the reputation of their colleagues, or the reputation of other disciplines and their practitioners.
  16. Be expected to relate to colleagues with integrity, respect, courtesy, fairness and good faith. 
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